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[later… title was all we had] Looks like I was interrupted in the drafting of this one] The “?” must have been an indication of unspringness at the time of entry. Advertisements

Ok …. some pieces that I’ve tried to help teachers put in play.

-Making clear what the stakes are for each of these diverse individuals in any class. -Each must get growth that suits their level of development -Implication of above…. varied materials and lessons and enormous scope      of teacher tracking and support. Necessarily …. a greater involvement of       parents , a lesser domination […]

Struggle for real gain versus gain based on interpersonal “issues”

Note in response to of today’s daily prompts: “Bone of Contention”. Bonnie (my wife) and I were just talking about the phrase “bone to pick” as in “I have a bone to pick with you!!”. Our analysis … Bonnie’s image …. was two , or more, sharing a portion of meat — held together by/hanging […]

Teaching: Earth is in trouble and we’re only badly training those who might save us.

If you’ve found your way to teaching. Welcome!! Lot’s of work in front of you… to provide for yourself (pay’s bad) and to provide a future for your clients. The deep essence of good-to-excellent teaching (i.e. empowering excellent participation in the world society and the global ecology) is not a significant or meaningful presence. Teaching […]

Class …. online with a Mooc

I’ve been out of touch, Mooc-wise, for several months. During my participation in ChangeMooc I expanded my understanding and use of mooc and twitter use. And… gained access bright educational bloggers and their thoughts and methods. One of my big [time consuming] efforts involved summarizing each mooc session with notes and attachments all within a […]

Now that I’ve got the hang of it — so easy to blog

Working on expanding my horizons while still holding onto functionality. [Have too many assignments do none … to many possessions enjoy none, etc] Part of this avoidance of /concern with dysfunctionality is my acquisition of the asus transformer /computer. — my thought and communication processes have been obstructed by the newness/new learning. This and the […]

Send in from Asus Transformer

My address for this site allows me to write email which translates into weblog entry. Hard to picture anything much easier than to draft an emailabout which then becomes a published blog entry. Reminder…. it’s coded in …. just pick address "Connectivity Outline" as above and THAT will translate into the appropriate address for insertion […]

Weather Machines, Androids, And Changing Times

Now have web based weather installation. Plus a few bells and whistles. Yes–I can check on my ipod or my portable or….. Still nice to be able to go to a kitchen shelf and get the low down. You might call me old fashioned because of above… for me seeing heroic, elegant, aging beautifully Sidney […]

Twitter Universe

Have added twitter, tweet deck and have just finished session with Erik Duval on twitter in his educational setting (higher ed, Europe). Twitter is now a Presence in the online culture … and he, Erik, has, attempted to move students to the point of fluid use of twitter in order to help them understand its […]

Tweeting and Writing

Still learning to integrate twitter process with blogging process. (And blogging process with writing of larger documents). Tried to twitter along as I listened to Cormier, Downes, Siemens discussing rhizomatic learning/instructing/teaching.

Still keep this one alive

I’ve been peripherally bothered enough by my loss of the actual opml connection … to not write in the blog at all. Silly. The body of material still worthwhile and lots of workarounds.

PBIS Links (and brief comments.. except where indicated … prose)

State/Center Cites Illinois: Illinois’ Site Maryland: Maryland’s Site MIssouri: Missouri’s Site Florida: Florida’s Site Connecticut: Publications at Center for Behavioral Education and Research for overall model: A Schoolwide Model for Service Delivery: Redefining Special Educators as Interventionists Simonsen et al 2010 31:17  Remedial and Special Education (Oriiginally published 11/20.200 ( click here for  Online   version) […]

A mailed in entry

Hello. Here’s a simple entry straight from my email account at gmail.

What’s Right is not Might.

The goodness of a government is not to be found in its self-protecting pronouncements. Neither is that goodness found in the mouths and writings of those who show themselves to be currying direct favor or who assume, for whatever reason, that any actions of the government are intended by its members or representatives to be […]

Interviewer Keeps Me Straight

Interviewer(Int): What is it you think your approach to schooling should accomplish? Spike (SPH): My approach should result in classrooms that work better with individuals because the classroom is designed for maximal useful impact for each individual. Int: How’s that possible in a one subject class like history? SPH: not quite as much unless the […]

Peirce’s “Principles of Phenomenology”

from Philosophical Writings of Peirce by Juarua Buchler , Dover (1955), Chapter 6 Subdivisions   1. The Domain of Phenomenology   2. The Categories: Firstness, Secondness, Thirdness   3. The Manifestations of the Categories   4. Firstness   5. Secondness   6. Thirdness   7. The Categories in Consciousness   “first, feeling, the consciousness which […]

Peirce’s Publication History

Wont enter results at this point   Have to note/remark on the tremendous range of topics and the time span during which he produced.   He and Dewey and James and Rorty — all pragmatists   He with the start of professorial/paternal nurturance and Harvard from the beginning   He with the sureness and brilliance […]

Dewey’s Publication Timeline

A life can be viewed as an unfolding. In a public and scholarly life there are obvious landmarks — documented events and publications. Late last year I decided to chart out JD’s works and major life events. Also, where data was available, close associates and collaborators. I’ve begun to put this material into a timeline […]

Philosopher and the Astrologer discuss character.

John Dewey and Marc Edmond Jones, would have different approaches to the explanation of either the development, or the effective support of the development, of character.   Their differences, the differences between modern, reasoned- and- “empirical” philosophy and an ancient yet evolving use of the stars and planets to explain person to person and within […]

Dewey and His Logical Support Team

First to work my way through his acknowledgements in Logic, The Theory of Inquiry   Preface   Forerunner content in Studies in Logical Theory, Essays in Experimental Logic, and How We Think   Peirce’s “continuum of inquiry”   A.F. Bentley   George Herbert Meade   Dr. Sidney Hook   Dr. Joseph Ratner   Dr. Ernest […]

Dewey-related quasi hypotheses

Jane Addams, Dewey’s wife, and quite a few others –see prior entry– had quite a bit to do with the deepening with the early Dewey. He’s a collaborator, perhaps the strongest one , perhaps not, who records what a community of thinkers and valuers have jointly constructed together. Read about Addams in the Stanford Encylopedia […]

Progressive Education

Initial notes from   the term “progressive education” has been used to describe ideas and practices that aim to make schools more effective agencies of a democratic society. Although there are numerous differences of style and emphasis among progressive educators, they share the conviction that democracy means active participation by all citizens in social, […]