Peirce’s “Principles of Phenomenology”

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from Philosophical Writings of Peirce by Juarua Buchler , Dover (1955), Chapter 6


  1. The Domain of Phenomenology
  2. The Categories: Firstness, Secondness, Thirdness
  3. The Manifestations of the Categories
  4. Firstness
  5. Secondness
  6. Thirdness
  7. The Categories in Consciousness
  “first, feeling, the consciousness which can be included with an instant of time, passive consciousness of quality, without recognition or analysis”
  “second, “consciousness of an interruption into the field of consciousness, sense of resistance, of an external fact, of an another something”
  “third, synthetic consciousness, binding time together, sense of learning, thought”
  8. The Interrelationshiip of the Categories

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