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Rhizomatic Learning

Hello. Listened to a recording of yesterday’s instructor discussion of Dave Cormier’s notion of rhizomatic learning. Have to say that all, Dave, Stephen and George … represented slightly different viewpoints that worked well together and which helped Dave to unpack the metaphor of rhizomaticity (??). I also tried to twitter summary thoughts as I listened: […]

New Learning: Tai Chi

Many of the greatest recipes (health and pleasure derived being the measure of greatness) require extensive preparation and a long period of mild cooking. It may well be the same for the most profound education and training systems.

Wouldn’t It Be Lovely!

My wishlist for online work and communication flow Working   Generating   Note taking via outlines   Writing essays, chapters, books   Excerpting   Illustrating (via MindMaps and flow diagrams … respect other forms of art highly but haven’t the skill to execute)   Searching a database of thoughts, multiple thoughts, interlinked multiples of thoughts […]

Outlining, Argument, Teaching and Mind Maps

Putting Outlines online for inspection, education, edification sdeems to me to be a way of getting bare bones/core ideas onto the table for discussion. the option is for me the barer of the two — unless I embellish. the opmlworkstation has some infrastructure and dressing that allow more embellishment, frill etc. Neither varies from […]

Want to have Outliner as conduit for passing thoughts!

Many thoughts come on wings and leave as quickly. The fact that they enter and leave at hi speed is not a result of lack of worth … more that they aren’t yet embedded in a matrix of ideas any one of which will help recall the others.