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Have to port over BW material to Potentiality site.

The Bill Wong material is getting bigger, potentially; I’ve located a lengthy and entertaining back and forth with Bill Himself. It’s here, however, and needs editing. When that’s done, however done, it should go to Potentiality. It’s absolutely core material for that site/that heading. Advertisements

Picking a visual style is time consuming for me.

Do I like style? Yes! Do I have preferences… um yes! Can I explain them? No. But, I have managed to chose Hemingway for the more abiding prose ( and Digg 3 column for outliner-at-the side of screen entries. The former more literary, the latter attractive but spontaneous enough to show extemporaneous, and jumpier, prose.

Wouldn’t It Be Lovely!

My wishlist for online work and communication flow Working   Generating   Note taking via outlines   Writing essays, chapters, books   Excerpting   Illustrating (via MindMaps and flow diagrams … respect other forms of art highly but haven’t the skill to execute)   Searching a database of thoughts, multiple thoughts, interlinked multiples of thoughts […]

Outlining, Argument, Teaching and Mind Maps

Putting Outlines online for inspection, education, edification sdeems to me to be a way of getting bare bones/core ideas onto the table for discussion. the option is for me the barer of the two — unless I embellish. the opmlworkstation has some infrastructure and dressing that allow more embellishment, frill etc. Neither varies from […]

I DO like the possibilities of Word Press

I’ve been looking at free three and four column formats. They look good to me. (My sensibilities are still a bit crude being based as they are on my relatively primitive Radio Userland format (go here for a sample ) used from April ’02 through June of this year. It’s not so much Radio Userland’s […]


I have this idea about how to organize web site but have to have a decent [as in working!: had added a second opml account which led too confusion—> finally resolved password. 5:11pm May have [did!] solved that problem. Certainly have done some work on it.