Weather Machines, Androids, And Changing Times

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Now have web based weather installation. Plus a few bells and whistles. Yes–I can check on my ipod or my portable or….. Still nice to be able to go to a kitchen shelf and get the low down.

You might call me old fashioned because of above… for me seeing heroic, elegant, aging beautifully Sidney Poitier, and Others —-once young and idolize-able — had me realizing that an age is passing.

What will the new “paradigm” involve. An ipod now , a six foot android companion in 20 or less years.

Perhaps an addiction to science fiction (and fantasy, but less to the point in this note) has better prepared me to welcome drastic cultural/technological changes. And , perhaps, I’m kidding myself.
Obsolescence & Wisdom as natural -if not familiar–companions.

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  1. Spike Hall

    Instead of get the low down… how about “get down with lows”

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