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Have added twitter, tweet deck and have just finished session with Erik Duval on twitter in his educational setting (higher ed, Europe).

Twitter is now a


in the online culture … and he, Erik, has, attempted to move students to the point of fluid use of twitter in order to help them understand its reality from “within” the process. I have to agree that, if you’re going to judge a process its reality will be quite different as perceived from within (by the fluent practitioner) as opposed to from without– via, say, descriptions of the social or psychological impact by researchers or practitioners.

My sense is that our existential reality is changing; we have differently grounded senses of connectedness. As a result we are changing our gut senses of privacy, focus, sociality, civility — more, probably, to come.

Can’t easily turn the changes around. Don’t know that we should. But, culturally speaking we have stratifications…

    non web


    browser web


    browser plus weblog web

, and now, most extremely,

    browser+weblog+plus+twitter and oh yes .. cell phone web


How different are the consciousnesses of the participants in the various levels? How well will communication take place between levels. What advantages, disadvantages, exist between levels when cooperation, communication, competition are taking place?

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