Struggle for real gain versus gain based on interpersonal “issues”

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Note in response to of today’s daily prompts: “Bone of Contention”. Bonnie (my wife) and I were just talking about the phrase “bone to pick” as in “I have a bone to pick with you!!”. Our analysis … Bonnie’s image …. was two , or more, sharing a portion of meat — held together by/hanging from/ a bone, originally. The process sequence we imagined was two individuals/dogs/whatever eating and getting nourishment from a shared resource … taking bite after bite until the bulk of the meet originally there is now gone. But .. the interpersonal issues between the two individuals have issues (at least the one who says “I have a bone to pick with you”). Somehow the issue is less food and more who will triumph in getting the most from the resource…  even if the gain per bite/total gain from this point on ……

In short, even if the potential for real personal gain is miniscule at least one of the participants will continue in order to work through/or continue to grind on the interpersonal issues. Little hope for nutrition but perhaps a slight hope for interpersonal victory in the upcoming grudge match.

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