Philosopher and the Astrologer discuss character.

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John Dewey and Marc Edmond Jones, would have different approaches to the explanation of either the development, or the effective support of the development, of character.

  Their differences, the differences between modern, reasoned- and- “empirical” philosophy and an ancient yet evolving use of the stars and planets to explain person to person and within person differences of what we would call character, these differences make for interesting and dynamic explanations of why individuals differ one from the other and why individual behaviors will vary between circumstances in similar circumstances but at different times.

John Dewey:

  Someone, well meaning I think, suggested that I have a conversation with you Mr. Rhudyar. He as much as said that Wisdom doesn’t always come in familiar packages but that it IS wisdom if it allows an enhancement of knowledge or happiness or an avoidance of pain or deceit. By the way, I appreciate your speaking with me in a strictly confidential manner, ie, in a way that we keep secret until and unless we both agree that our mutual consultation has not only produced beneficial knowledge but that we can afford for our respective audiences, past and possible future, to know that we’ve gained understanding from sources seemly at odds with each of our “callings”.

Marc Edmund Jones:

  And I very, very much appreciate your openness to this discussion based on your belief that beneficial knowledge — beneficial, that is to the living of a life in an integrated and progressively improved fashion– as defined both by the person to whom the advice/direction is being provided and by people that genuinely want what is best for that person as s/he would, as one could best estimate with informed and sincere effort, define as “best”.

John Dewey: Perhaps a starting place for us to discuss our approaches … is to back up and look at we would call help and then move from help to, say, advice and later on move to classroom instruction and finally treat with informed and intelligent support of individual development. Even in my case as a teacher of teachers and as a teacher of teachers of teachers … this core set of definitions, which we somehow come to agreement upon, these definitions will serve as impartial filters, inorganic arbiters of what it is either of us is about and of how we might include or exclude parts or, in the extreme, even the whole of our beliefs and methods. Speaking for myself — I believe that these topics if fully and accessibly addressed will add a perspective that I will find to be very useful.

[Summary of what”s intended

Topic Dewey Jones
help Dewey Jones
advice Dewey Jones
Classroom Instruction Dewey Jones
Intelligent Support of Individual Development Dewey Jones

Marc Edmund Jones: That seems practical and useful. On a different note, did you know, do you by chance remember that I was a student in your Laboratory School High School. It was a marvelous beginning to what has turned out to be a life of learning and writing.

Dewey: No, I didn’t of you. I’m surprised at the coincidence and pleased that it was a powerful and useful experience for you, Marc. May I call you Marc?

Jones: Yes and may I do the same with you, John?

Dewey — yes, please.

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