Dewey’s Publication Timeline

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A life can be viewed as an unfolding. In a public and scholarly life there are obvious landmarks — documented events and publications. Late last year I decided to chart out JD’s works and major life events. Also, where data was available, close associates and collaborators.

I’ve begun to put this material into a timeline for all, including me, to look at. Dewey made a point about all learners, thus including himself: we are our purpose passed through experience — over and over again. If we’re paying attention during the “pass through”, we learn and change from the interaction of purpose, objects, events and relationships.

My first run through has me listing a fairly comprehensive list of his publications over his work life.

I’ve done a rough sketch of places, institutions etc. That needs to be filled out.

And, I’ve done too little, at this point, in the way of noting his relationships, assignments, collaborators, etc. His writing career and profession occurred in times and settings in which the influence of others, particularly wife, associates, collaborators needs to be better examined. That I’ve done least well so far. It will come.

For now we have the publication list at dipity. Look up “John Dewey, Educator/Philosopher” at and you’ll get a look at the first stage layout of the timeline.

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