What’s Right is not Might.

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The goodness of a government is not to be found in its self-protecting pronouncements. Neither is that goodness found in the mouths and writings of those who show themselves to be currying direct favor or who assume, for whatever reason, that any actions of the government are intended by its members or representatives to be “good” . The measure of the good intentions [whether honest or cosmetic/feigned] and good works [those with a pronounced good intention] of a government are to be found in its effects upon its constituents as well as upon nonconstituents. The rest is wishes and lies.

It can be expected that the government will focus upon benefiting its constituents [as opposed to those who are clilents/constituents several levels away] first, somehow privileging membership by giving a greater share of the goods that are there (available within its legitimate bounds) and that are consequences of its actions to members.

[Work on this one more]It Is expected that these goods come NOT at the expense of the loss of these same goods to nonmembers. This caveat most certainly applies to goods that are, at least in theory, already the property or potenntial propertyof others or which are as yet unharvested yet equally accessible to all humans, all beings … air, water, beauty, oil in international waters, fish in international waters, generally mild weather (as opposed to tornadoes, floods, etc.)

And, because humanity, as individuals, families, nations etc, has inherent rights that preempt the “rights” of any power, large or small, transgressions against such rights within or outside of its boundaries can cancel or considerably diminish its claim to have done good within or outside its boundaries.

In order to weigh these things and best respect the difference between good and evil governmental behavior (willful harming, transgressions etc), each government, and all governments, must have an honest reporter — one which has the power to visit any situation and report its truths however and wherever they might be found. In addition an honest , neutral and powerful cop must be in place… with the power to trump all other powers and yet which must also scrupulously answer for the its actions and the anticipatable consequences all of its actions (before- the- fact–prevention of awful wrong is a greater good than punishment for awful wrong).

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  1. spikeha464

    Too much fancy talk. This needs to be more refined and parsimonious in its delivery of these thoughts.

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