Interviewer Keeps Me Straight

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Interviewer(Int): What is it you think your approach to schooling should accomplish?
Spike (SPH): My approach should result in classrooms that work better with individuals because the classroom is designed for maximal useful impact for each individual.
Int: How’s that possible in a one subject class like history?
SPH: not quite as much unless the focus remains loose enough to accept a definition that is both substantively “respectable” and both interesting and learnable for the individual.
Int: So, given this latitude you think instruction [that which is organized by the teacher, possibly , but not necessarily , led by the teacher] you believe very diverse learners can acquire personally meaningful yet substantively creditable knowledge?
SPH: yes
Int: How would such a secondary education measure up against the present-day standard for appropriate content?
SPH: I’m not sure, frankly. What would be missing would be a direct, hammer and tongs, drilling on what textbook publishers claim to be the “corpus” of truth about, say, World History or American history? Not sure. (I’m leaving aside the issues of importance and legitimacy … very large issues … for the moment). But with such an approach, whatever the content, there will be greater likely mastery of content, in this case principles and concepts “history” .

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