Learning Cycles in Ever Larger Circles from Individual and Up

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Time Scale: am/pm, Day, Week, Month: there are cycles for each. Each cycle will have its learning activities, some individual some group which ocur within these cycles. And, each cycle will have its consequences for group and individual. After each cycle there is feedback to the individual and group and teacher and grade and school

Level of learning unit: Individual, group (which may vary by subject or topic), class, grade, school. There is someone accountable at each level: School=Principal, Grade level=Team Leader, Classroom=Teacher, Group: Group Leader, Individual= Self and Parents.

Subject matter of learning: character-related/self-understanding, character-related/social observation, basic skills such as reading, history, arithmetic, physical education, music, etc.

Now that we have time scales and subjects and learning “units” the metatask is simple; namely, at each level the unit endeavors to get better at accurate and timely generation of appropriate behavior given the objectives which are presently being tackled. For any subject and any level of organization, from individual up to school, the idea is to have a summary by subject ,and for the cluster of all subjects, to improve upon: the result, for whichever level involved is both more accurate and more timely performance. We want the behavior that is being generated to improve in both quality and fluency since the last comparable measurement was made. [ comparable time unit: day-to-day, week to week , hour to hour, month to month, etc]. If the present rate of appropriate response compares poorly to unit in the recent past, then problem solving and change occur until an upward sloping learning line is retrieved.

At each level the investment of time and of problem solving activity and of celebration relates directly to the achievement of growth. Growth in social skill, growth in academic skill, growth in unit level “character” [which will have to be defined in terms that are objectively observed and charted].

Success, then, for all is measured in terms of meaningful academic and social growth.

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