New Learning: Tai Chi

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Many of the greatest  recipes (greatness proportional to the health and pleasure derived) require extensive preparation and a long period of mild cooking. Definitely not your microwaved approach to food preparation and the consequent health/nonhealth support that derives from it.

I hope you get my drift. The same distinction can be made from the mental health and wisdom that are produced by various learning technologies.

My Personal Example:

I’ve been a new Tai Chi student for 6 months. And, if I’m a very, very good learner I may just become semiproficient within, say, 5 or 6 years. It also offers the opportunity to become truly and deeply excellent after perhaps 10-15 years of daily practice.

Would you believe it? No, not the 5-6 years!!

I mean the outcome:

    deriving  stay-with-it from  concentrated and very extended work on “the same thing”


 This particular “human growth technology”, originally a family skill developed, protected and practiced in one province of China, has had its developmental path documented for 500 + years ; it’s also the result of nearly certain rooting in several more centuries before documentary evidence is so deeply established..

If this is an example of “long cooked” teaching/learning concerning absolutely central existential realities we have some rethinking to do. We have to dig further into our attempts to support, deepen and extend worthwhile human learning. At least one teaching/learning technology has shown the power to produce :something so deep, so fundamentally worthwhile on multiple levels, that it offers the potential for growth and learning over the course of a lifetime!!

Our biggest enemy in this quest? A short attention span and the modernist insistence on “just around the corner” mastery.

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    Remember this. Remember this.

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